Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bliss Baking is open!

Hello and welcome! I've finally decided it's time to close up my old blogs (which had long fallen by the wayside) and make a concerted effort to blog regularly, about a topic I love, and see if I can't build up my own repertoire and start meeting other people :)

Bliss Baking will be, of course, a baking blog. I have many passions, but baking is one of the most important ones. I am halfway through culinary school right now, specializing in baking & pastry arts. However, I've been baking for a very long time... My first memory of baking was making muffins out of a box mix (with a little help from my mother!) when I was so short that I had to stand on a stool just to reach the kitchen counter. Baking has been a passion of mine for many years, and in recently finding the courage to pursue it professionally, I have made it a much bigger part of my life.

In officially launching Bliss Baking, I am most hoping to meet other baking enthusiasts, whether they are food bloggers themselves or just hobby bakers who enjoy whipping up something delicious with their own two hands. I am really looking forward to meeting others in the blogging community! I also hope that this blog will help me keep my skills fresh, even when I am not in class, and particularly once I graduate. Most importantly, though, I want to use this as a space to develop and keep track of original recipes! I am learning a lot about traditional baking in my classes, but I am interested in translating that knowledge to allergen-friendly baking. I have a dairy sensitivity, and my mother is fully vegan. Because of this, I am well aware of how difficult it can be to find recipes that fit your particular dietary needs... and I want to produce recipes that others can use for this reason as well. My biggest baking weakness is bread, so I hope that this blog will give me the space to practice bread baking as well as confectionery. Finally, I hope that this blog will provide me with a chance to hone my photography skills!

I hope to produce posts twice a week, mostly new recipes but also occasionally an article covering a particular aspect of baking. Once a month I will visit a local bakery and write a review!

The reason I love baking so much, aside from the yummy treats it produces, is because I love the feeling of making something wonderful with my hands. I find it incredibly rewarding to put in time and effort, and produce something beautiful. Baking also represents a vital space in my life: the time to slow down and be mindful. Baking often requires slowing down and paying attention to what you are doing; most treats cannot be rushed. Even confections that are quick to whip up provide a chance to slow down and reflect. In my busy, jam-packed schedule, this time is both necessary and precious. I like to stay busy, but I also like to be present, and it can be very hard to do this when I am constantly rushing from one thing to the next. But measuring ingredients, mixing them carefully, and watching them in the oven gives me a chance to breathe, clear my mind, and center myself. I hope that, if you join in, you can share in my love of baking!

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