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Hello, and welcome to Bliss Baking! I'm Cameron, new blogger, newlywed, and culinary student living in Arizona.

Bliss is my place to unite my passions for baking and writing. I've been baking since I was very young, learning first from my mother and then becoming self-taught. I will finish my formal certification in baking & pastry arts in December 2015. My favorite things to bake (and eat!) are quickbreads and muffins, macarons, and of course cupcakes!

When I was in college, I discovered that I had a dairy sensitivity. I enjoyed ice cream as a child and even through my teenage years, so I was not used to looking for dairy alternatives. I began to explore ways to make the foods I had once enjoyed but that now caused health problems, but I was often frustrated by the lack of available recipes - as if traditional baking and cooking were the only kind worth exploring. Over time, I built up a repertoire for making dairy-free desserts as well as snacks and meals. Bliss Baking is my place to explore allergen-friendly baking, alongside traditional baking techniques.

When it comes to my personal life, there's not much to say. In 2014 I graduated from University of Exeter with an MA in Creative Writing. Prior to graduate school, I graduated from the University of Arizona. I met S while I was in England. By the time we turned in our dissertations, we were engaged. Much of my time since has been spent trying to convince the US Department of Homeland Security to let him stay ;)

I am a hobby crafter, with a particular interest in jewelry making and watercolor painting. I am also learning how to sew. I enjoy reading and playing the violin. My favorite form of exercise is yoga. I'm a t-shirt-and-sweatpants kind of girl, and I'd rather watch an HGTV marathon on the couch than go out on the town :)

So, pull up a chair and try a cupcake (or two). Feel free to make yourself at home, relax, and enjoy.

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